Bixby Traditions

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Bixby "Traditions"

AKA:  Practice Behavior

Practice behavior is important...what you do in practice will create habits (good or bad).  In order to get maximum results you must pratice what you plan to do in a meet.   It is our hope that the following practice rules will become traditions at Bixby.

We are what we repeatedly do.  Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit.



1.   Streamline - the most important position in swimming.  Every time you push off the wall you will enter streamlined position.  This is the fastest way to cut seconds off you best.

2.   Legal Turns - Every turn for every stroke will be done properly.  Don't ever say "we never work on turns."  The opportunity to work on turns is present 80-120 times (at least) per day.  You accomplish nothing by practicing wrong turns.

3.   Finishes - Finish at every wall as if it were the finish at the State Championships.  Reaching with head down and finishing under surface of water is the proper method and can mean the difference between first and third place in a meet.

4.   Strokes - All strokes should be done correctly at all times.

5.   Breathing Patterns - Do all breathing patterns as asked by the coach.  These demands for "breath control" will help you (not us) in your overall conditioning and stamina.  Our other major concern here is NOT breathing in or out of your freestyle turns.

6.   Negative Split Work - To "negative split" means that the second half of your swim is faster than the first half.  Constant attention to negative splitting when instructed to do so during practice will help you develop a strong finish at the end of a race.  Descending series also make you think about finishing your race hard.

7.   Look at the clock EVERY swim - A sense of pace is developed by knowing how fast you're swimming at all times, even in practice.  Knowing this will help you negotiate in a race if you are swimming your best.

Again, let's think of these as traditions - not rules.  The purpose behind each tradition is to make you a faster swimmer and make Bixby a better team!

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