Team Rules and Policies

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Team Rules and Policies


1.   Be at practice on time.

      There are few things that are more detrimental to team morale than the individual who strolls in late every day.  After 3 "tardies" the swimmer will not be allowed to practice (nor participate in meets) until the coaches have a personal conversation with the parent.  If this conversation fails to solve the problem, the swimmer may be dismissed from the squad.  This goes for morning practices as well.

2.   Everyone will be expected to attend all meets.

      This means that you will be expected to be there whether you are swimming or not.  Why?  Because our team is at the meet and you are committed to our team.  This means the entire meet.  (The only exceptions to this rule are: a note from a doctor or a note from an administrator/other coach and only in the case of other Bixby obligations)  **See Exceptions for STATE**

3.   All participants will ride the bus to all meets that are not at Bixby.

      This includes the return trip.  A cell phone will be provided (for those that do not have one) so that swimmers can call home to arrange a pick-up time upon return to the school.  Team members who are not participating in a given meet will not be required to ride the team bus, although they are required to attend.

4. All team members will wear team issued gear to, during, and home from the meet.

You have been chosen to represent your school and your program and therefore are held to a higher standard.  As a representative you are excepted to dress in a way that shows pride for your school and program as well as team camaraderie.  Any athletes not in the required attire will not be allowed to participate in the meet/event and could suffer harsher consequences as coaching staff sees fit.  (This incluldes but is not limited to caps, suits, parkas, t-shirts, shorts, sweats, and warm-ups)  **See Exceptions for STATE**

5.   The team will begin warming-up together at all meets.

      This is to generate some TEAM UNITY before the meet.  You must be on time or it can count towards "tardies."  This is also a critical time before a meet as you might be in an unfamiliar pool and need to "learn the walls," or "feel the blocks," etc.

6.   The team will cool-down after the meet as a group.

      Even if you only swam one event, you will cool-down with the team.  This shows other schools that we work together at all times and proves to them that we are willing to work harder and longer than they are.

7.   Team members must sit together during the meet and cheer for one another.

      We hope we don't have to ENFORCE this one as you should all get along.  A team that sits together wins together.  Your concentration and energies must be directed toward competing well for BIXBY High School.  You may visit friends/family after warm-up and during breaks but during the competition, you must be with your team.

8.   Everyone will stay until the meet is over at all meets.

      This is a rule which helps reiterate commitment to the team.  We will all stay until the last Bixby swimmer has climbebd out of the pool.  Showering and dressing will have to wait until the completion of the cool-down.



2. State:  For the state meet, only individuals who have qualified individually or as part of a relay will attend the meet.  We strongly encourage these who do not make the cut to still attend and support their team from the stands, however, transportation and lodging will not be provided.  These athletes will also not be allowed on deck during the meet.  They should stay in the Bixby portion of the stands as spectators.

4. State:  For the Finals (second day of swimming0 of the State Competition the following addendum is applied to the definition of team gear.

a.  The booster club/coaching fund will try to provide state team suits of the highest quality and technicality that can be afforded.

b. Technical suits that are not provided for the swimmers may be used under the following conditions:

i. Suit must be purchased separately; no team or booster funds provided.

ii.   If the suit is of team colors (blue, red, white, or gray) it must be pre-approved by the head coach the Wednesday prior to the meet.

iii.   If the suit is a color other than those mentioned above, it must be approved during a meeting with both the Athletic Director and the head coach by Wednesday prior to the meet.  This will be handled on a case by case basis.

iv.   Any non-team issued suit, which has been approved, may be used for all swims during Finals ONLY.

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